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A Total PE+ subscription provides you with ambitious learning plans that develop Physical, Thinking and Social skills in every lesson and encourage a deeper understanding of Healthy Lifestyles. 

Making a Difference

Total PE+ will make a difference to your PE curriculum.


Our primary aim is to support school staff to deliver high-quality curriculum PE lessons. Our plans are written by current primary school teachers and local PE advisors to ensure all content is relevant, progressive and will support children to develop their physical, thinking and social skills.

Improving Outcomes

Total PE+ supports over 600 teachers each week to improve the quality of teaching and learning across PE.


As a Community Interest Company, our aim is to make a difference to the lives of the children we work with. High-quality curriculum PE has such a huge role to play in supporting health and wellbeing, it is important we get it right.

Why choose Total PE+

“Our Total PE+ subscription ensures I have confidence as PE Subject Leader that lessons will be high-quality.

Each lesson has three outcomes – physical, thinking and social, which ensures that all learners are challenged in a way that is right for them.”

PE Subject Leader, Wirral

Completing Your Curriculum

Recognised by recent ‘Deep Dives’ as a key driver behind a successful PE curriculum, Total PE+ delivers planning, assessment and much more.


You ask, we listen! The planning has been designed to meet the differing and changing needs of your schools. This is what makes us different. 


As a Community Interest Company, our interest is improving outcomes for children, not profit.  


“The planning provides useful progression documents which illustrate how all the strands are covered from Year 1 to year 6.

The key knowledge and vocabulary for each unit of work, for each year group, has been clearly identified on the knowledge mats provided.”

Quote from a Primary PE ‘Deep Dive’ / December 2022

300+ detailed learning plans

Easy-to-follow learning structure with clear outcomes for physical, thinking, social and healthy lifestyles skills.


⇒ EYFS to Year 6

⇒ New plans added each month

⇒ Key questions in every lesson

⇒ Thematic over sport-specific approach to games in KS2

⇒ Health and Fitness/Equality and Diversity/OAA units included

PE Subject Leader Support Programme

PE Subject Leader Area

One place for support, advice, ideas and resources for PE Subject Leaders


⇒ Ofsted preparation

⇒ Curriculum design

⇒ PE and Sport Premium support

⇒ Ideas and resources

⇒ Latest news and expert blogs

ks1 dance

100+ videos to support teaching and learning

Step-by-step videos to support teachers


⇒ Gymnastics skills

⇒ Dance techniques and key teaching points

⇒ Key skills in all games activities

⇒ Request additional videos

Skill progression plans

Track the progression of skill from EYFS to KS2


⇒ Physical Competence

⇒ Thinking and Decision Making

⇒ Social Skills

⇒ Healthy Active Lifestyles


Year 5 Linking Actions - Cricket

Knowledge Organisers

Overview of learning for all series of teaching


⇒ Key Outcomes

⇒ Vocabulary

⇒ Prior learning

⇒ End points

⇒ Available for every series of learning from EYFS to Year 6


Easy to follow assessment tool


⇒ Simple, visual tool that assesses attainment in all 4 aspects of planning – physical, thinking, social, healthy lifestyles

⇒ Graphs and visuals to identify key trends

⇒ Low maintenance and realistic inputting model

Assessment in Primary PE

Easily the best use of PE Premium we have ever made! Staff feel so much more confident teaching all areas of the PE curriculum and I know that it is improving the quality of teaching in our school.

1 Year Annual Subscription for individual schools

  • Full access to all learning plans and media content
  • Access to curriculum resources including skill progression plans and knowledge organisers
  • Unlimited use of assessment tool
  • Access to Subject Leader area
  • Single use ‘request’ for new learning plans


1 Year Annual Subscription for MATs or Clusters

  • All the benefits of individual membership
  • FREE staff training sessions delivered across the group of schools
  • 20% cheaper than buying individually
  • Access to Subject Leader area
  • Use code totalPE+20 at the checkout



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