Physical Education Scheme of Work

The Edsential PE Scheme of Work has been developed in response to a need for a planning and teaching resource that is in line with changes to the Ofsted Framework and a shift in how schools are wanting to deliver Physically Education both locally and nationally

The Scheme of Work will continually grow and evolve over the coming months and years. A deliberate move away from a ‘printed version’ is not only in line with our company ethos but also allows for it to change and develop. New resources and lessons, videos and images will continually be added to support teaching and learning in your school.

The Scheme of Work has been designed to meet the differing and changing needs of your schools.

  • we now have progression documents for each year group as a result of of requests from schools over the last few months
  • an adaptable long-term plan which schools can use
  • a choice of assessment templates

As part of your subscription, each school has 5 ‘request tokens’.

  • make a request for  a video to support the teaching of a specific skill, or to create a lesson with a specific focus.
  • all requests will be accessible by all schools, creating regular new content that is reflective of schools needs.
1363 A1 POSTER SofW Unit Ovvw WEB.PDF
300+ Lessons plans for EYFS to Year 6

Progression Frameworks in Physical, Thinking, Social & Emotional plus Healthy Active Lifestyles
Assessment Tool
Request additional lessons as part of the subscription
Supporting videos and images
Create your own Long Term Plan

What do schools think?

“Our staff are loving the flexibility of the resource and how we can tailor it to the needs of our pupils”

“We have already used our token to request 5 new Health and Fitness lessons for Year 1 and 2 pupils. Perfect for the current situation and ready in less than 2 weeks!”